Photo by Marcus Poffenberger


                                       The International Tarpon Conservation Association, Inc. ("ITCA") was formed as a non-profit organization by avid tarpon anglers, who want to create an organization dedicated to promoting and funding meaningful tarpon research.  Unlike other similar organizations, ITCA is solely dedicated to increasing our knowledge about tarpon, and only tarpon.  Our resources will go to promoting scientific studies and endeavors aimed at learning more about tarpon, their life cycle and the environmental factors that impact their migration, habitat and populations.  Once the data has been gathered and processed, ITCA will serve as an outlet for educating anglers and other concerned marine biologists to better promote and protect tarpon. 

           ITCA WILL NOT, however, propose legislation or actively lobby any government or legislative body to impose additional regulations on charter and recreational anglers.  ITCA will instead promote sportsmanship and responsible stewardship among tarpon anglers as a meaningful avenue to protect the resource in conformity with the results of objective and peer reviewed marine biology.