Photo by Brent Huggins

                                       How many tarpon are out there?  Is the population growing or is it in decline?  

If we are to have tarpon for generations to come, we must determine the health of the tarpon population in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic.  ITCA is joining with world renowned biologists to implement the initial phases of the first ever tarpon population/stock assessment.  This effort will be undertaken in at least three phases and will take many years to conduct.  Phase 1 will require the gathering of catch data from both active tarpon tournaments and guides, along with historic records when available.  Phase II will pursue an ambitious effort at counting tarpon in key habitats.  Phase III will utilize innovative technologies to count tarpon over broad coastal habitat during their annual migrations, utilizing aerial electronic surveillance.  This will not be an easy task.  Luckily, new innovations in technology will help.  This effort will take years to complete, taking into account weather and ocean current anomalies.  The goal is to identify trends in tarpon populations throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic.  Please join us in this ambitious effort by contributing to ITCA today.